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Although the USPS Disability Retirement blog was created with U.S. Postal Workers in mind,  taking into account their unique needs and situations, Federal Disability Retirement benefits under FERS & CSRS really applies to all Federal employees.  Here we have a few more links to literature that Attorney Robert R. McGill has written for the main blog,  the Federal Disability Retirement blog at WordPress.com, and its original blog, the Federal Disability Retirement blog at Lawyers.com.

  • OPM Disability Application .-  General blogs about the application.  These blogs are not so much about what to say in the form,  but rather about some general considerations, decisions,  and documents the applicant should consider gathering before filing for disability.
  • SF 3112 Disability Retirement Application Package.-  The whole enchilada together.
  • SF 3112A Applicant’s Statement of Disability for CSRS and FERS.-  One of the most important documents that the applicant will have to deal with.  It’s an absolute “must” to think well about what to say here,  because some mistakes you may mention here will never be able to be corrected,  not even by an experienced attorney in OPM Disability Law.  This is probably the reason why attorney McGill has spent the most time writing blogs and articles about this particular form.
  • SF 3112B Supervisor’s Statement for CSRS and FERS.-  One of the “headaches”  or “stress” forms.  We’ll let you figure out why when you read them.  No reason to panic though.
  • SF 3112C Physician’s Statement for CSRS and FERS.  If you pay close attention to these short articles,  you’ll figure out that this is also an extremely important document,  one that can be replaced by a detailed medical narrative.  In any case, the doctor will have to state both medical facts (which he or she will know very well) and some legal statutory requirements (which he or she will most likely be clueless about).
  • SF 3112D Agency Certification of Reassignment and Accommodation Efforts for CSRS and FERS.  This is the form where the Postal Service or the Federal Agency will most likely say that,  sure,  they tried to accommodate you so much and that you were never happy no matter how hard they tried to please you.  Sometimes, however, the agency will admit that you were not accommodated at the end.

13 thoughts on “OPM Disability Retirement Forms

  1. Would like to know the percentage of pay you receive for disability retirement from the USPS, under FERS ?

  2. I retired on disability from the USPS on April 27, 2004. I suffered several injuries while working in the USPS which in themselves presented disabling factors and further aggravated existing disabilities from my USAF service. My problem and been fighting for years to resolve is that OPM was deducting Health Benefit costs from my Over Payments caused due a delay in getting my Social Security Disability approved. I never signed, authorized nor requested to carry forward my benefits into retirement? Prior to my retirement I was collecting Works Comp from OWCP and they were paying me and for health Benefits. Once I was granted my Disability Retirement from USPS/OPM the OWCP ended. During my retirement processing I never as I stated signed nor requested to further pay for any Health Benefits for me or my Family. I and my Family are covered under Champus from my retirement from the Air Force.

    I have many time contacted OPM Retirement section requesting documents showing my request/authorization for continued Health Benefits
    , to which the to date can’t provide.

    If you have any suggestions or places or things I can do to get the over $8000.00 that are being taken from my Pension ( as over payments) I would welcome any suggestions or assistance. ( I at this time am not in a place where I could retain any paid Legal services to help resolve this ?) wish I was!

    Thanks for any HELP !!
    Richard S Reinhart

  3. I have been totally out of work for 2 months now. I Had a severe auto accident in a mail truck in 2005. I had 3 years of back injections. Then I had a L5-S1 fusion. nerve damage, foot drop (complication of surgery), now sciatica every day, arthritus, several medical debilitating injuries. I need to file for retirement disability. Can you help me?

  4. I, Kathie Matthews, had sustain a injury at the United States Postal Service on or around the time of mid Ninety, that was noted. A head injury for which cause some problems. But which I content to work, for which I will like to work now. At the same time I were asking for my sick paid that was sustain also. The station manager at the time were Loretta Wilkin, and the supervisor at the time were Mrs. Drainlake. Keep in mind I had since had seizure that are under control. That I doesn’t care too be noted. But I will like to have a chance to work and any back sick times that I’m entitle to. Also keep in mind that I, was a good career worker. So let put some closure too this madness, given back my job, and all the sick time owe me, and all or any back salary. Because these issues will go before Congress or ally’s of Justice.

    The Postal Office Address were:
    Uptown Post Office
    4850 North Broadway
    Chicago, Illinois 60640

    Personnel address:
    Post Office 2802
    Chicago, Illinois

  5. I would like to retire on Medical Retirement. I need help in the procedure of filing for Medical Retirement. I have carpal tunnel and Rotator cuff tendonitis.

  6. Can you receive OPM retirement disability and Social Security disability benefits at the same time?

  7. I was once getting SSDI and Postal Workers disability. When my mental illness got worse and I went into a Foster Care home my USPS disability stopped. Why did it stop? Can I get it restarted? I also have a guardian, that is my sister, what can she do to get it back for me? Thank you.

  8. I am a 56 year old postal service employee who have been employed for 27.5 years currently receiving OWCP benefits from 2013-present due to injury on the job (corpal tunnel in both wrists, cupital tunnel in both elbows, had surgery on right shoulder due to rotator tear; I also lost right eye due to an injury on the job at postal service in 1994 and I am also claiming injury to right hip that has acquired osteoarthritis since 2013 (it’s pending). My question is what is best way to file for disability retirement. My Employer (US Postal Service) do not have limited duty or light duty accommodation for me and there is none in the commuting area

  9. I am 51 been at the Post Office for about 24 years as a rural carrier. I have been out of work since April 10 2017. Have several thing going on, but what made me go out was I had a ulnar entrapment. And my other condition just keep getting worse. So I don’t believe I will be able to go back with the conditions now that have got worse. Can you help me apply for disability?

  10. Are supervisors required to see SF3112A before completing SF3112B? Can the supervisor refuse to sign if there are discrepancies?

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