3 thoughts on “Federal Disability Retirement and the Postal Employee Today

  1. Dear Sir,
    I am a Postal Letter Carrier with 30 years of Federal Service. Since Last April I have been suffering from an old on the job Frature of some thorasic vertabraies. I have filed a recurrence, however, the DOL has draged there feet and I am now being send for an independent medical exam. The problem is from degenerative changes for the worst and after some medical procetures to releive the pain it is only getting worse. I had no intentions of retiering until I had the 41+11 years to receive the 80%. I have been without pay for about a year shortly. And do hope to get my pay after seeing the IME. Were do I go from hear? I dont want to retiere at this time, however, it dose not seem likely I will be able to. What to I do? Were do I go? ETC, ETC,

    I can be reached at XXX XXX XXXX or E=Mail [email protected] My Sincere Appreciation

    Joseph S Parisi

  2. i know we have already started the disability retirement but the paperwork sent was lost in a house fire. the post office is doing their reassestment program we have interviews on wes sept 29 i am not sure what to do? i have questions about contiued insurance how quickly will the disability retirement checks start? what about medical treatment in the future the dr says i will need at least shoulder replaced if not both who pays? what about life insurance does it continue or do i need to find a company ? is the disability retirement taxable ? if i remember correctly first year is 60% and there after is 40% ? what does that equate to in dollars ? can i work after medical retirement if so how much can i earn without jepordizing the retirement. theres talk that they are forcing medical retirement on anyone who has a disability or medical restriction is that true? does medical continue for life .if so how much? you can contact me at this email or my cell phone XXXXXXXXXX

  3. I am an indefinite federal employee and i am wondering can i get disability benefits if i become disable.

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