To Resign or Not To Resign From the US Postal Service

I am often asked whether or not it is okay to resign from the Post Office prior to either (1) filing for disability retirement or (2) receiving a decision from the Office of Personnel Management. A decision to resign from the Agency must be weighed very carefully, for there are multiple factors which must be considered.

I will try and outline a few of the considerations to be weighed:

(1) What advantage is gained by resigning? If it is merely to avoid the hassles of dealing with the Postal Service (the USPS may insist upon updated medical documents every couple of weeks; they may call and harass you every week; you may have an unsympathetic supervisor, etc.), then I normally advise against resigning. There is no advantage to resigning, other than the quietude of being separated from service. As an attorney, I believe that is not enough of a reason.

(2) What is the disadvantage of resigning? There may be many: Any leverage to force the Postal Service to cooperate with a disability retirement application may be lost; if your doctor has not yet written a medical narrative report (and, believe me, for some doctors, that can take months), the doctor will have to be reminded that any statement of employment impact must pre-date the date of resignation; you lose the leverage of that which the Postal Service holds most dear, for no price: your position. For the position you fill, that slot which suddenly becomes vacant once you resign, is that which is most dear, most valuable for the Agency: and to resign is to give it up without having the USPS pay any cost.

Robert R. McGill, Esquire

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  1. I resigned from the USPS after 14 years of service due to legal problems. Am I entitled to any type of retirement payment from them? I assume I get to keep my thrift savings.

  2. I recently resigned from the usps due to stress and other medical reasons after 14 years. At the time of my resignation I was buying back my military time for retirement purposes. I did not complete the buyback.I have two questions.First, am I still able to complete that buyback? My second question is am I eligible for any retirement once I reach minimum retirement age and if so whatdo I have to do for this to occur? Does my TSP have anything to do with it? Thanks for your help.

  3. I have even out for over a year and workers comp
    Has denied my injury claim although I got hurt on
    The job and reported the same day Dr submitted
    All my docume ration a d my claim was still denied
    Twice. I have had no income and no payments from
    Anywhere. I would like to speak to a lawyer before
    I move on.

  4. If resigning from the postal service would I be able to receive my full TSP and what’s the processing time once I leave? Will medical benefits stop right away?

  5. If Resigning from the postal service would I receive my full TSP contributions and the matching portion? Would I continue to have Health Benefits or would it terminated immediately?

  6. As long as you have 5 years continuous FERS service, you can receive retirement benefits once you reach your minimum retirement age, you must file retirement paper work close to minimum age to receive it. You can also get all the money you put into the retirement system, but this will void retirement benefits. TSP is always yours, and once vested (3 years), the agency matching is yours too. Always check with the agencies, OPM for retirement benefits and TSP for that account.

  7. I resigned from the Post Office in October 2009. I was driving from Raleigh North Carolina to Glenn Allen Virginia. I was told that after 2 years I could reapply for my custodial position. How may I find out whether or not I am on the register, or whether or not I need to retake the test. I am a disabled veteran. My register date was 12-10-2009, Page number 007, register number is F315

  8. I had resigned from the usps in October 2013 due to high levels of stress. Well I attempted to resign at first my manager asked me to give him time to put in a transfer. He had told me he got one for me, but he has not gotten my schedule. This went on for weeks and after the Columbus day holiday, we had so much overflow and being the only one doing the trucks it was to much for me to handle. I had a complete meltdown and panic attack and walked off after I asked my manager had he heard about my schedule for my new location. He stated not yet, hang in there, I should be hearing from them. Maybe I should not have walked off but my mental health and physical health was being affected by this understaffed post office. So he submitted the letter of resignation I had given him weeks prior and never got back to me about the transfer. My question is Will I be able to reapply for same position somewhere else? Mind you I am a window clerk but because I am a PSE, they say unloading and dispatching is part of those duties.

  9. I got my job back through arbitration may 24 2013 . As a last chance agreement after being removed while recovering from surgery in a convalescence home. I returned back to work with a bulls eye on my back. November 20 2013 I fired for attendance. Result of a step 3 decision resign or opt to retirement counseling. My question is effect resigning have on future job opportunities. I have 25 years of service at age 51. can you weigh the pros and cons of issues presented in this document .I have 30 days to make a decision by Feb. 16 2014

  10. I just started working for the post office, after nearly waiting for the position for 6 months. I was originally suppose to be located in a particular post office in which I live close to, but was asked to work at another, as relief carrier. Now at this post office they are asking me to use my personal car, meanwhile at another post office I would’ve be driving an llv. I asked mt post master to be transferred after being stressed about my performance due to my small car. I was told to straddle which is very dangerous and causing major health injuries to my back. I stuck it out through my probation period, to be eligible to be transferred only to be denied my request. I am only working 2 days a week. I started on May 7 2015 and nothing has improved I am at my wicks end and need more hours, because I am unable to provide for my family and live comfortable off 2 days. The stress and un-politeness of my post master is very unpleasant and I do not know what else to do. I have found another job, but would like to put in my resignation letter, so that I can be rehire-able again. What should I do?

  11. Hello: I am a 30 year USPS Supervisor. While I was gone on medical leave, the Postmaster was pulled in for the use of the Postal vehicles in the Christmas parade. When they questioned him, he stated he had NO knowledge. He approved the use verbally with a witness that heard him. When I returned to work, he immediately put me out pending investigation (done by him) on administrative leave. He is now stating that I will be demoted to a PSE or CCA and lose my benefits. I am 54 and my retirement age is 56. Should I do an early retirement even though I am innocent? The people up top believe him because he is part of the USPS club and he took 3 months to mold them before I even gave a statement. They did an investigation a month before I came back to work without ever talking to me. What do you advise? And of course, I am broke.


  12. Ms. Estes, are you a promoted supervisor? If not, I would file a grievance with NALC. If you are a promoted supervisor, I would give a call to the labor board. If you did nothing wrong, why quit? I don’t see how you would be demoted if you are a career employee. That’s not how it works. Learn your rights. Call the labor board.

  13. I resigned in 1996 with 13 years of service….Am I eligible for a pension….????

  14. I’ve been working as an RCA for almost 2 months. I don’t want to give up working for the USPS. I have an extremely long route and I’m usually done around 530 pm. My PM said that they do not get paid since I get back so late. I was told if I can’t get my times down, I should consider working somewhere else. I have held myself back making statements since I’m a new hire. I don’t want the military to come out of me and say things concerning how things are handled. There are better ways to train your carriers to be more successful. Since I’m feeling that I’ll never fit in at this post office, should I consider resigning since I’m not eligible for a transfer?

  15. My postmaster made me resign after telling me he will not be bringing me back after my break wat can i do because i didnt know wat to do so i sign the paper

  16. Does the postal service need proof of documentation due to tardiness and misconduct if they want to fire you? I am being asked to resign and I never got written up, if I did it was only once my entire 8 months of employment. Do they just want my promotion position vacant for someone else? I don’t want to resign.

  17. I resigned from the post office with over 13 years of service. I’m 65 years old. I was having major issues with stress, couldn’t slept or eat. First will I get a retirement from the post office? I had a excellent work history with the post office. No one can tell me if I rate a post office retirement? How & who do I apply to for help? Thanks for the information in answering my questions.

  18. If you worked at the Postal Service for at least 10 years and didn’t take your retirement contribution when you resigned than you’re entitled to a deferred annuity

  19. I want to resign I was at a last chance agreement they caught me with door open no seatbelt been with po for 18 years will I loose my pension I would rather quit then get fired

  20. Glad I ran across this article! I just left after 12 years of service. I have osteoarthritis, degenerative disc disease, sciatica (for which I was getting injections into the sciatic joint until they stopped working!), rheumatoid arthritis in my hands. At the end I was having terrible anxiety attacks coupled with severe depression and being in such a negative, hostile environment did not help. My postmaster did not/does not believe anything is wrong with me;basically I’m a drama queen seeking attention. Wow! With her medical expertise, why is she wasting her talent in the post office?!? Doesn’t matter the countless doctor and specialists I’ve seen over the years or that FMLA keeps approving me. Just got a phone call today from her, stating that rather than turn in medical documentation, I just need to write up something saying I have resigned. I thought something was up with her because she is never nice to me. Hmmmmm……sorry, don’t think I will until I speak with an attorney for USPS disability. (already applied for SSD).

  21. If I resign from the post office will my benefits end on that day or at the end of that month?

  22. I have fibromyalgia and have worked at the USPS for 19 years. I am 57and been trying to make it to 62 but my condition is getting worse. What are my chances of getting a disability retirement?

  23. I need your contact info again. I have several questions.
    Carla Dickey

  24. Lawyers don’t generally dole out free legal advice in online forums. To do so would create all kinds of ethical problems. I hope some of the posters above can realize why they are not getting the public response they expect.

  25. Good day, sir or madam, I am seeking a bit of direction or guidance for a specific situation. I have been with the USPS since late 1999 and am, as of last year, a promoted Supervisor and a member of NAPS. A year or so ago I was diagnosed with a medical condition that precluded me from doing the job for which I was hired. I then managed to turn a long term 204B (acting supervisor) into an actual supervisor when the position became open so I am qualified. My medical condition is chronic and I have had no issue with the medical staff in approving and continuing to approve an FMLA case… 1-3 days off / 1-3 times per month, My last 2 managers have been very supportive of my condition which has helped a great deal.
    However, recently, the condition has taken a turn for the worse and now I am dealing with depression (with all of the attendant maladies up to and including suicidal thoughts, etc.)
    So, my questions: Is a disability retirement something I could look into? All of my life savings have been depleted over this condition even though I have health insurance and thinking about leaving a steady job triggers severe anxiety, which in turn exacerbates the depression, and everything spirals into a very dark place, medically, emotionally and psychologically.
    Background.. 56 years old, 19 with the USPS (20 in December), FERS, TSP at 10% for the career, in California.
    Please let me know if there is anything else you need. I know free legal advice is a bit of a mixed bag and a response is not really guaranteed. If I hear nothing I’ll know at least I’ve asked.
    Take very good care.

  26. I worked at the Post Ofice in Simi Valley, CA from Feb 1984 to January or February of 2004 which is close to 20 years of service. I am 63 years old. My question is — Will I get a retirement from the Post Office? I had a very good work history with them. I did not take my retirement contribution when I retired in 2004. Do I get a refund of my full retirement contribution or would I be entitled to a deferred annuity? Is there a form that I need to complete and instructions on how to apply for benefits? I would appreciate your prompt response.

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